How to Create a Hype for your App Right from the Beginning?

Do you know what’s the key difference between your app and the app that just crossed one million downloads?

The way they were created.

Some apps get a significant number of downloads and install because a right approach is followed in creating and promoting them.

People who had their idea didn’t just rush and created the app. Instead, they made sure the idea was properly promoted right from the beginning.


We’re going to reveal in this:

Actionable guide for promoting an app idea right from the beginning

Step 1. Research & gather information

You are assured that your idea is unique and it will disrupt the market.

However, what’s the guarantee that someone hasn’t pursued this idea before, it actually has the potential that you claim, or your app idea is in the market demand?

The only way you can know is research. So, forget everything and dedicate yourself to research both your idea and the market first.

This will help you know a couple of things like:

  • What your audience likes or dislikes?
  • How many chances are there that your idea will succeed?

You will also get a clue how you can generate users’ interest in your idea.

Step 2. Create a Plan

Once you have gathered a lot of information, you would want to put it into action for sure.

But wait!

Taking actions without planning is just like wandering in a desert without any map. You’ll keep traveling but will not reach anywhere.

So, your second step should be creating a plan on how you can reach maximum people.

Step 3. Reach out to people

There are many ways for this. You can either follow the traditional approach like meeting with people and sharing your idea with them or you can reach out to them on social media which is a lot better.

Many people are active on the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can share valuable content and build an audience there.

Step 4. Tease your audience

Another impressive way to make someone interested in your app idea is to tease them with interesting content and leave them wanting for more.

For this, you can either write a teaser blog or release a trailer video on Youtube.

Follow the approach that best suits your budget and will give you maximum results.

Step 5. Launch a campaign

Just creating a teaser blog or a trailer video is not enough, you also have to make sure it reaches the right audience.

Now, for this, you can share posts on social media. But if you want to reach a large audience is less time, you need to take help of campaigns. There are many such campaigns available on social media.

You can also hire an expert team that can prepare an effective social media strategy for you.

Step 6. Let your app speak for you

Each app element sends a specific message. The color of an app, its logo, font, or the icons have a specific meaning.

So, your app isn’t just a program. It’s a chance to represent the values of your brand. Make sure you avail it in the best way possible.

Step 7. Promote your app on all mediums

Once the app is ready, the next step is to promote it across different platforms. It can be done in various ways. You can put posts and stories on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; organize events or hire influencers to promote it. There are millions of ways.

You can even ask your customers to spread good words about your app.

How will this approach help?

You’ll be months ahead of your competitors.

Usually, an app is promoted only after it’s completely developed and launched in the market.

Moreover, your app will be developed exactly like what’s in demand. This will ultimately save a lot of time and money.

So, go ahead and follow it.

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