Bitcoin: Need of the Hour

Back in 2009, a Norwegian guy named Kristopher Koch invested in a new currency called Bitcoin. He bought 5,000 bitcoins for $27. However, later got busy with his life and forgot about the investment. Four years later in 2013, he got to know that the currency he invested in had reached a tremendous value. The price had risen so much that he was able to buy an apartment in the wealthy section of Oslo in just 1,000 bitcoins.

Kristopher is not the only person who had this crazy incident. The internet is filled with interesting stories related to bitcoin. Some people grew rich overnight. There are also a few who cursed their luck later after they either lost or spent the currency too early as today it’s worth is 100 times the amount they invested.

Look at the following stats and you’ll realize that the worth of bitcoin before 2013 was less than $100 and today its value is $4,316. Did you ever think that the Bitcoin investment you made earlier will reach this value?bitcoin graphDespite this, the number of Bitcoin transactions is continuously increasing. Even many reputed mobile app development companies in the US & UK have started accepting their payment in Bitcoins. The following stats detail this very well.

Number of bitcoin transactions


Now, the question is:

What’s the possible reason behind the increasing popularity of bitcoin? Why are people actively investing in the currency despite the fact that its rates are skyrocketing?

There are many reasons behind this. We’re mentioning a couple of them below:

  • User details remain anonymous
  • No third-party is involved
  • User doesn’t have to pay any taxes
  • Transaction charges are very low

In a nutshell

At present time, when the incidents of cybercrime are in abundance, it’s important to ensure that your wealth remains safe. Bitcoin offers you that secure alternative. Neither you’ve to pay heavy taxes nor include any third-parties. The anonymity of transactions is an added advantage.

In simple words, Bitcoin is the wisest investment you can make at the moment. You should go for it.

Rest, if you have any queries related to Bitcoin payment process, feel free to contact us. Our experts will reach you out to the best possible answers.

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