Best Social Media App Designs

Social media means the whole world to some people. Their morning doesn’t start without checking the latest updates on the web and the nights go sleepless without uploading at least one picture. Not only this, you can find every single detail about their life from their online handles.

Such is the craze and popularity of social media apps that it has turned out to be a profitable business. Perhaps, that’s the reason most people are investing in them. If you’re also interested in creating a social media app, there are a couple of app designs you might be interested in checking out before proceeding with the app development process. Carefully analyzed and approved by our experts, these designs will give you a brief insight into developing a social media app that offers an incredible experience. So, have a quick read:

1. Facebook Messenger

Recognised as one of the best chatting apps of all times, Facebook Messenger lets you seamlessly communicate with peers through text messages and audio/video calls.

What Did Our Designers Admire about the App?

  • Minimalistic Interface
  • Easy navigation
  • Special photo and video effects
  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Live

2. Instagram

Instagram is the perfect platform for people who want to share their photos and videos online. Here, artists can also share their work and become popular.

What Did Our Designers Admire about the App?

  • Instagram stories
  • Smooth navigation
  • Peppy graphics
  • Instagram live
  • Drawing text on images and videos
  • Tons of photo-editing filters

3. Snapchat

Snapchat logo png wq
Snapchat is not any less famous than its rivals Facebook and Instagram in terms of popularity. The social media platform has a crazy fan-following all thanks to its brilliant UI, strong network, and jaw-dropping features.

What Did Our Designers Admire about the App?

  • Minimalistic and intuitive user interface
  • Alluring theme
  • Special AR effects
  • Snapchat stories

All of these apps are the best. Perhaps, that’s the reason we all love it!
However, that’s not all. There are several other social media apps that you can check out:

1. Hike
2. Quora
3. Viber
4. Google Allo
5. WhatsApp
6. Tinder
7. Pinterest 

So, which social media app is your favorite?

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