Best Finance Apps 2018: Top 5 Finance Apps You Must Have

Salary transferred into the account.

I got excited and spent the entire money like there’s no tomorrow.

Now, I am broke.

You might’ve faced this situation for sure. But for me, it’s a regular routine.

That’s why I was looking for some finance apps that could control my annoying habit of overspending.

And guess what?

I found some really great ones. Here, I am sharing all of them with you so that if you’re also extravagant, you can manage your finances better.

So, buckle up as we reveal:

Our pick of the best finance apps available right now

1. Wally

Every month when I am out of money, I wonder:

Where did I spend my money?

For me, my bank account is a magic pot in which money automatically arrives and disappears.

In simple words, I don’t have any record of my spendings.

This is the reason, we need financial apps like Wally that keep track of our expenses and prevent us from spending money where it’s not required.

It’s not that the app will make you rich overnight. Still, it will make a small difference.

2. Acorns

Nothing can replace the feeling when you find extra $300 or $500 in your account.

But the question is:

Is that even possible?

With Acorns app, it is.

Here’s how the app works:

When you go shopping with the card connected to the app, it rounds up the amount to the next highest dollar and invests it in low-cost exchange traded funds.

So, by the end of the years, you have a couple of hundred extra dollars in your account. Isn’t it great?

3. Mint

Overspending is the result of some really bad decisions we make in excitement.

Mint helps you avoid such decisions by keeping track of your expenses. The app also makes sure that you’re paying your bills on time so that you don’t have to pay any late fee. Financial guidance given by the app from time to time is another added advantage.

In short, the app is a keeper. You should go for it.

4. Oslete

Do you travel a lot? Well, then you might be aware of the problems that tourists often face during currency exchange.

This financial app developed by Applify itself offers a great solution. The utility makes sending money as easy as sending a text. You can do it with just a single tap.

In simple words, Oslete solves the biggest problem that you might come across while traveling. Do you still need a strong reason to have the app on your phone?

5. Venmo

We all have some friends who are always eager to party but chicken out when it comes to paying bills.

“Dude! Pay this time. I will pay for the next time,” they say but that day never comes.

Venmo is made for especially dealing with such people.

The app lets you split the bills so that everyone pays his/her share. You can even tag people to remind them of payments.

Also paying bills on Venmo is very simple. You request another person to send their QR code or add them as the recipient, enter the amount, and tap the transfer amount button.

No wonder, why the app is favorite of millennials.

Now you have the recommendation of 5 best financial apps. Which are you going to choose?

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