Applify Recognized Among the Top 300 on the Clutch 1000!


In their annual analysis of the best B2B companies in the world, Clutch has unveiled the top firms across hundreds of industry segments. Not only that, Clutch has begun a new recognition campaign this year – the Clutch 1000. This new accolade encompasses the top 1,000 companies featured on Clutch. Going beyond the categories listed, it’s every firm on the platform against every other, from branding agencies and call centers to mobile app development companies. While any company can get their services listed on Clutch for free, only the strongest and most consistent players are recognized in the Clutch 1000.

Methodology :

As many of our readers know, Clutch is a research, ratings, and reviews platform covering firms from all over the world, in hopes that their research may be able to lead to fruitful business partnerships. The primary method of their company analysis lies in client interviews, where the Clutch team speaks to a company’s references regarding the fine details of their work with us. These evaluations are then turned into case studies, for readers all over the world to read and take in when understanding how a specific business partner performs.

Being named the 281st best company on Clutch is quite the accomplishment for us and we’d like to thank our clients for taking the time to leave their feedback on our work. Through their projects, we’ve grown into a great company and it’s been a pleasure working with them. Here are some things they’ve had to say about us on our profile:

“The website functions as a phenomenal business card. Being able to give potential clients access to all of my tracks through a single link is a powerful marketing tool. Since the site’s launch, I’ve noticed that clients respond to me with proposals faster and more often.”

“With no clear directive from me other than to make it look good, APPLIFY’s designers did their research and took the initiative required to create a unique product. The project manager made himself available to answer my questions and remained responsive throughout the engagement.”

“They have an amazingly talented design team. I’ve high standards regarding my company’s appearance, but they still performed above my expectations…they were always patient with me.”

Our high performance on Clutch has also awarded our team a placement on, their sister site, The Manifest’s list of the best app development companies from around the world. Their platform labels itself as a resource for industry news, business how-to guides, and company lists.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be named a strong performer by both Clutch and The Manifest and are looking forward to what 2019 holds. To get working on your next big project with our team, reach out at any time.

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Snigdha Sachar is an engineer by qualification, policy-enthu by passion and chai-advocate as a freelancer. She is a part of the Management team at Applify.

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