Apple Partners with Ikea to Develop an Augmented Reality App

Tech giant Apple has come up with a new surprise!

The iPhone maker has decided to join hands with the leading furniture seller, Ikea to develop an AR-based shopping app that will help users try out virtual furniture at home before actually making purchasing decisions. According to the news, they will start working on the project very soon.

How will the new AR app change your life?

The new app will save a lot of time that you often spend while purchasing furniture from physical stores.

If you ever purchased furniture from the market in real, you might’ve realised that the process is very hectic. You roam from one shop to another, looking at a variety of Tables, Chairs, and Sofa sets. You like all of them but get confused which one will look better in your room.

Finally, after a lot of dilemmas, you purchase a set and arrive home. But then you realise that it’s not looking good at all. So much effort and no result at all.

However, with the help of the upcoming AR app, you can see in virtual reality – how the furniture will look like in your room. After this, all you need is to visit the store and purchase it.

So simple, isn’t it?

This way, the AR app will make the process of purchasing furniture extremely simple and flawless.

Expected Launch Date

The AR shopping app is expected to arrive in the store in this year’s fall. By that time, the new AR app will have 500-600 products available.

What the Ikea Officials have to say about the upcoming AR app?

Ikea has a lot of expectations from the upcoming AR app. According to the senior vice president of digital development at Inter Ikea System – the parent company of Ikea, “this AR app will be the first app of its kind and will play a major role in the upcoming product lines.”

What we’ve to say?

After the smash-hit success of Pokemon Go, the trend of augmented reality (AR) has gone viral and many tech giants had shown interest in it. Apple was one of them. The company had even launched ARKit, a framework that allows iOS developers integrate augmented reality in iPhones and create ultimate AR experiences.

So, given Apple’s sheer interest in the trends – we were expecting that it would come up with an AR app soon. However, we had never expected that the tech giant will create the app with a company like Ikea and will come up with such a wonderful idea. The app appears to have the potential to be a big thing in the market. It will completely transform the way we do shopping and will start the trend of new type apps.

Anyways, what do you think of Apple’s plan to develop an AR shopping app in collaboration with Ikea? Please let us know in comments.

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