App Store Surpasses 50 billion Total Downloads

On May 2013 Apple announced that they had surpassed 50 billion total downloads, and now they recently announced they have over 100 billion total downloads of apps in their store.

Apple is one of the biggest and most successful companies worldwide, not just with their devices but in their app stores. They have over 2 million apps across their store and a total of 103 billion downloads.

The company has grown their store massively in the 9 years it has been around and they just continue to strive and push forward to keep making a success from it. There are now over 13 million registered developers building for Apple’s platform and most of them are under 18.

The youngest developer they have is only a mere 10 years old and they expect her to be, in the CEO’S own words “One heck of a developer”.

There is nowhere else that Apple can go but up and they will continue to do so and who knows where they will be this time next year?!

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