App or Website: What Brings in More Money?

This is one of the most common questions asked by our clients. They’re confused whether to invest in apps, which is new and rapidly growing trend in the tech industry or to go with websites which are considered economical from the development point of view.

Due to lack of proper guidance, they end up making wrong choices. Sometimes they trust websites even if their audience is mobile centric leading to undesirable results. On the other hand, there are times when companies opt mobile apps even when a website could effectively solve their purpose.

So, it’s important to know which is going to be a better investment for your business, an app or a website and to overcome this dilemma instantly, app or website comes to your rescue. A tool that helps in taking a better decision whether to choose an app or a website or both, just by answering a couple of questions and getting results in minutes.

After detailed research, here are some facts that can help you in making a right decision:

  1. A Website Incurs Less Cost

When it comes to the development cost, a website is more economical in comparison to a mobile app. The reason behind this is very simple. A website remains the same no matter if you’re going to use it on Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux. The only thing required is to make the website responsive. This will eventually save your time and cost.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a mobile app, either you’ll have to develop it separately for Android, iOS, and the web or you’ll have to go for cross-platform development – which will cost you a great fortune. Cross-platform development takes a lot of time.

Also, once your app is functional and live, the process doesn’t end. You’ll need to release its updates from time to time and ensure that people keep using it. It’s not like you don’t need website maintenance. However, not frequent as the app maintenance. Also, the maintenance cost of a website is lower than app maintenance.

  1. Mobile Apps Help You Reach More Audience

However, if you are aiming to reach more users, mobile apps are a lot better option. Over 80% people in the world own mobile phones. Most of them are smartphone users who rely on mobile apps to accomplish daily tasks. Having said that, a mobile app will help you reach a wider audience.

  1. User can Open an App More Frequently than a Website

As people carry smartphones with them every day, they’ve a plethora of time to use your app. However, he/she will need to open their smartphone’s web browser to visit your website, which perhaps takes a little more time.

  1. Contrary to Websites, You can Deliver Real-time Information in Apps

An app makes the process of delivering real-time information more effective and a lot easier. You can interact with them via notifications and keep them updated.

Hence, having an app is a better idea than having a website.

  1. As Compared to Websites, You can Add More Features in Apps

Contrary to websites, where you need to follow a specific format, apps leave a lot of room for creativity. There are lots of phone-specific features like location tracking, push notifications, and swiping that you can’t use in websites. Having an app gives you access to use all these features.

While the above-mentioned points might’ve given you a clue whether to go for an app or a website, the ultimate decision depends on a lot of factors. You’ve to keep many things in mind so that you don’t make a wrong choice. Remember, it’s a crucial decision that can change the fate of your business. So, don’t do anything in a hurry. Instead, take some time, introspect and decide what’s best for you.

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