App Feedback Popups: Necessity or Nuisance?

Last week, I was going through a couple of articles on the web, and I stumbled across this blogpost:

Stop developers from bugging you for app reviews in iOS 10.3.

Covered last year by Cnet, the article details a secret feature by Apple that allows users to completely disable the app review prompts from appearing on screen, hence preventing themselves from getting distracted time and again.

This article left me with a deep thought.

As a user I can understand that asking for app reviews can be annoying. No one likes doing so. Seeing those pop ups appear while I am listening to my favorite music or working on some project is very pestering.

However, if I have to look from the point of view of a mobile app development company, I realise how important these reviews actually are.

According to our app development experts in Singapore, without app reviews, it’s impossible to decide:

  • What users want and improvements that needs to be made in the upcoming updates   
  • Whether users liked the app or not

Amidst this, disabling the feature means that there will be no reviews from the customer’s side and hence, no scope of growth and improvement.

So, what’s the solution?

Both developers and users need to change their approach and realise the importance of app reviews.

While users need to understand that reviews are for their own good, on the other hand developers shouldn’t be desparate for app reviews as doing so will only annoy users and drive them away.

Here’s what developers can do?

  • Ensure that the app review pop-ups don’t hamper user experience
  • It’s better to not ask for app reviews if your app crashes frequently
  • Instead of asking for app reviews repeatedly, ask once in a while
  • Ask for ratings but don’t plead.

What users can do?

  • Take a few moments to rate and review the app to avoid further pop ups.

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