7 App Development Myths

The world of app development can be a complex place and with constant updates within the industry, many misconceptions can occur and false information can be spread. In this article I will be clearing up some of the most common myths from cross-platform apps to apps for businesses.


1. Cross Platform Apps Can’t Have The Same Features


It’s true that not all platforms are the same, however, any app that is created to be cross platform can have the features that it has on each of the other platforms. As an example, with the features an iOS app can have.

All of the iOS features can be featured on the Android version of the app.

The features may not be 100% the same but it is still more than possible to create a cross-platform app rich in features.


2. If Your App Is Big, Expect A Big Development Timeframe


There is no limit to how far your imagination can stretch and that is the exact same with your apps, you can think of absolutely anything and a great team of designers can make it possible. With this said, just because you create a large app doesn’t mean the timeframe for it being developed will take any longer than if it was a smaller app.

Different developers have their own skillsets and timeframes so just because one app may take 6-12 months doesn’t mean another won’t take less time. Throughout the design process, the steps of development remain mostly the same, timescale, however, isn’t set in stone.


3.  More downloads Mean Success


A lot of downloads do matter in a lot of cases and can definitely define app success but it does not mean in any way that it means your app will be a success. There are a lot of factors that determine whether your app is successful and downloads are just one part of it, even if a lot of users download your app it doesn’t mean they will use it.


4. You Need To Have A Degree To Create Apps


This is in no way true, some of the most successful apps have come from people who have never even thought about getting a degree in computer sciences. One of the most successful apps created was Flogg and it was a 16-year-old boy who created it and before this, he had already seen success with 2 apps prior on the app store.


5. Simple Apps Will Only Need Simple Development


Actually, even with more simple apps, sometimes they require complex and lengthy development projects and there are a lot of reasons as to why. Just because the concept is simple doesn’t mean that the creation process will be.


6. All You Need Is The App And You Are Done


To this, I must say no. Even if you create an app that is the greatest app in the world, you still need to market it, update it, maintain it and continually monitor usage and analytics. Once you create an app it isn’t all plain sailing and you can just sit back and relax, you still have to put in effort and work.


7. Businesses Don’t Need Apps


Anyone can benefit from having an app, especially a business! It can boost sales, customer loyalty, customer usage, among a whole array of other reasons and can be a fantastic idea for a business owner to look into.

There are many app development myths that just aren’t true and put a lot of new developers and potential customers off of their ideas, I have mentioned some of them and honestly, I would say even if it sounds true, just go for it. Learn to break the mould and try new things, anything is possible!

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