9 Things that Users Hate in an App

Do you know what’s the most important thing before developing an app?

Knowing what users like and what they don’t.

There are many examples of apps that were brilliant but couldn’t succeed because they failed to understand what their audience really wanted.

You would definitely not want to be the next.

So, I have brought you something that might help you, a list of:

Things that users dislike in mobile apps

1. Poor User Interface

Nothing annoys users more than a poorly-designed user interface.

When users install your app for the first time, they have no any idea about it. The only impression they will form is on the basis of its interface.

If it’s not good, your app’s impression will be ruined and the user will start thinking whether he took the right decision by installing it or not. Some may even uninstall the app in a fury.

2. Fake Promises

A couple of days back, I installed an app that claimed to download videos from YouTube.

But when I installed it, I found out that it did nothing but link me to spammy sites.

So, I uninstalled it, went on their page, and gave them 1-star rating with the following review:

“Stop making fool of people – you worthless spammy shit!”

The message is very clear. As a user, I hate apps that don’t stand true to their promises. I am sure and you’ll do the same.

3. Battery drainage

Heavy processes already take a toll on a smartphone’s battery life. Amidst this, installing apps that consume too much battery only make the matters worse. Such apps are a big no.

4. Asking for too many personal details

It’s just like invading personal space. No one likes that. Registering with an app is important but this doesn’t mean that I will have to tell where I live, what I do, or what’s the name of my pet dog.

As a user, I will never be comfortable with this.

5. Lack of purpose

An app with without a purpose is complete wastage of time and data. No one would download it.

We use apps because they make our life easy and if they’re not doing so – there’s no point in installing them.

6. Too many notifications

The last thing I want to see after waking up is a pile of notifications from different apps. I would get irritated more if these notifications are irrelevant. I might even uninstall the app in the heat of the moment.

Actually, this is not just me. Everyone hates annoying in-app notifications.

7. Too much pestering for reviews and feedback

App feedback is important. It helps developers to detect issues in the app, fix them, and come up with a better version.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to keep bugging the user with app feedback popups. This is simply annoying.

Want to know how to ask for review and feedback without sounding needy? Check this.

8. In-app purchases

Most users hate spending money on apps. Hence, most of us find in-app purchasing options pretty annoying.

9. Crashes

Is there anything else about apps that you hate? Let us know.

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