3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Developing a Social Media App

Social Media apps are an integral part of our daily lives. They help us to connect with our family members, friends, and peers who’re sitting miles away. Using these apps, we can talk to them, share photos, and update each other about the ongoing activities in our lives.

Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, and so on – there are a lot of social apps that we use daily but did it ever strike your mind –

“I should also create a social media app and give my ideas a platform that allows sharing of information and views daily!”

However, there are a couple of questions you need to ask yourself before moving forward with your big idea. In this post, we’re going to ask a few such questions. Let’s have a look:

Ask Yourself These Questions before Developing a Social Media App

  1. How Will Your App Revolutionize the Lives of People?

Every popular app brought a new change in the society. Facebook allowed users across the globe to connect with each other and share their life updates, WhatsApp allowed sharing messages among contacts, and Skype made it possible to make audio/video calls for free. Those who merely copied the features of popular apps only went unnoticed. Hence, you seriously need to ask yourself:

How will my app help in making the society better?

Now, if you’ve a positive response and you feel that there is something unique that your app can contribute to the society, go ahead and give your idea a shot. Otherwise, you’ll need to stop for a moment and do some introspection before coming up with something worthy.

  1. How is Your Idea Better than the Existing Social Media Apps?

Thousands of social media apps are available in the market. Each claims to be better than others and offer unique features.

Now, what’s special about your idea? Why do you think that users will show interest in downloading your app?

Your app needs to be better than other. It should offer features that users don’t find anywhere else. Only then, they will be interested in using them.

Hence, if your idea is something that’s new in the market and creates an edge over others, take the plunge along with some introspection for making it better.

  1. How Will You Keep Users Engaged With Your App?

Social Media Apps are all about user engagement. Your presence in the market will only be felt  if you are able to keep them engaged. The day users start finding your app boring, your app will vanish into oblivion. Hence, you need to ensure that user engagement stays alive.

Popular social media apps keep introducing new features and undergo design transformations from time-to-time. This is the only reason users keep finding them engaging enough to grab their attention for long. A strategy like this can work in your favor if followed systematically.

So, you saw that creating a social media app isn’t that easy. However, with proper planning and introspection, you can easily sail through the process. You need to know why you’re creating the app, how it is better, and how it is keeping users engaged. Only then you can create the social media app that will leave a mark in the market and in people’s lives.

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