3 Mistakes that Cause Rift between the Design and Development Teams

A close friend of mine told me once:

“Stand true to your beliefs but also try to understand the person’s viewpoint.”

Nice thought. Isn’t it?

Yet the question is:

How’s it connected to designing and development?

Because creative differences between designers and developers happen – at least that’s what I know after being part of a leading app development company in Singapore. There are times when developers say that the scenario the design team has created is impossible from the development point of view.


A couple of small mistakes made while working with designers and developers together

Which are as below:


1. Lack of Interaction

What do you do when you don’t understand something?

You talk to that person and clarify things. Isn’t it?

However, what if you hardly talk to the other person?

There will be an awkwardness.

That’s what happens when design and the development team don’t have any communication. They fail to understand each other’s point of view and chaos happens.


2. Not Involving Developers in the Process Earlier

Usually, developers don’t have any clue about the project until the design files arrive on their desk.

Now, what if the designs are impossible to implement at the development stage?

As a result, the entire efforts of designers will be wasted. This will definitely piss them off.


3. Having the Entire Communication on Email

Texting is an easy way of communication. Although, it results in a lot of confusion. There are times when the messages are perceived wrong and the problems occur.

So, if designers and developers will try to discuss everything on text – there’s a possibility that they might not get a few things and confusion might occur.

So, have enough face-to-face meetings.

Our Verdict

People have conflicts when they don’t understand each other. The only way to resolve them is communication.

Hence, companies should encourage both parties to interact more often. This will help resolve differences and boost productivity.

Our app developers are implementing these tricks at Applify. How about you?

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