3 Communication Apps that Will Help You Speak Like a Pro

One common problem with the majority of people today is that they can’t communicate well. Some find it difficult to express their thoughts clearly, and some fumble while speaking.

Poor communication is one of the major reasons why many people regardless of having immense talent and skills, fail to grow on professional front.

If you’re one of those people who’re suffering because of communication issues, then this post is meant only for you. It contains a list of:

Effective communication apps that will help you to improve your communication

1. Speech Trainer 3D

Speech Trainer 3D Logo

Speech trainer is specially designed for people who have speech-sound disorder. Crafted by a certified speech-sound pathologist, the utility contains a set of speech exercises that helps in speech improvement.

What we admired about Speech Trainer 3D?
  • Simple and interactive user interface
  • Effective speech exercises
  • Animated model for both vowel and consonant sounds

2. Forvo Pronunciation Guide


Yet another problem people face while communicating is pronouncing words correctly, which can become a hindrance later on in your career.

If your job profile requires you to give presentations and seminars, you definitely need to improve your pronunciation and Forvo can prove really helpful in this. The utility lets you pronounce difficult words. All you need is to type the word and its pronounciation will appear on screen, which you can hear on the go.

What we admired about Forvo Pronunciation Guide?
  • Easy operation
  • Impressive theme
  • Learn and record pronunciations in 325 languages

3. Grammarly Keyboard – Type with Confidence


Communication should not be associated with speaking alone. It also includes writing. Neglecting written communication is the sole reason most people make mistakes while writing email, faced even by people on higher positions.

Having said that, it’s important to improve your written communication as well. Grammarly can help you a lot in this. The utility is basically a keyboard containing an in-built editor that proofreads everything you type and suggest corrections accordingly. This way, it will make your emails look more professional and easy to understand.

What we admired about Grammarly Keyboard?
  • Powerful spelling checker
  • Keyboard can smoothly integrate with all apps
  • Clear explanations for each correction

So, which communication app are you planning to install on your phone? Let us know in comments!

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