3 Apps that Will Help You Quit Smoking and Live Healthy

According to the stats by World Health Organisation (WHO):

Over 7 Million people die every year because of Tobacco usage.

This means that every second you smoke a cigarette, somebody around the globe dies. The issue had grown so big that even the cigarettes have started coming with the warning ‘Smoking kills.’

But do we really pay attention to it?

It’s all comes down to choices I guess. Either you quit now or repent after few years.

However, if you have plans to do the former then,

How to quit smoking?

Those who smoke regularly will agree that it’s an extremely hard task. It’s just like getting reincarnated.

No worries! We have 3 effective anti-smoking apps to help you overcome this habit. Recommended by the experts at our app development company in UK, these apps will help you to lead a healthy life. So, have a look:

1. LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach


Approved by notable physicians across the world, LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach app lets you quit smoking in a well-planned manner.

Either you can follow the cold turkey approach, in which you immediately stop or limit your nicotine intake day by day. The utility lets you create a proper road-map for that.

Here’s what we admired about the app:

  •     Simple and easy interface    
  •     Proper layout and schedules to avoid smoking

2. Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation

Quit Now

Expert advice is important during the period you’re trying to quit smoking. However, one also seeks mental and emotional support during this phase.

The makers of Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation understand this very well.

That’s why they’ve created an excellent anti-smoking app that not only lets you get in touch with experts but also come in contact with people who’re going through the same phase to get the much needed emotional support.

We admired the app’s:

  •     Strong network
  •     Easy operability

3. Quit Now!

Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation

Smoking withdrawal is a painful phase. You go through emotions like craving, pain, anger, stress, etc. There are moments you feel like you’ll die if you don’t get to smoke up once. Hence you need an app that can help you survive through that time.

That’s what Quit Now does. The utility provides various stress-coping mechanisms and help you quit your addiction successfully. You can also connect with experts here.

Following things about the app interests us:

  •     A strong network
  •     Effective stress-dealing methods

Hopefully, you enjoyed this list. If you want to add something, let us know in comment. Also, don’t forget to share your experience after embracing a smoke-free lifestyle!

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