Software Development

Empowering GrowthDrivers with Automated DevOps Practices

GrowthDrivers, a pioneering platform offering real-time insights into workforce competencies, faced significant challenges in scaling and efficiently managing their application. With an innovative tool correlating EQ and IQ assessments with company KPIs and ARR, they help organizations understand the impact of workforce attributes on performance.

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The project summary

GrowthDrivers was facing scalability issues and inefficient application management, alongside high operational costs due to infrastructure management tasks.

  • Pain Point: The company's resources were heavily invested in deployment processes, capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and health monitoring, diverting focus from core product innovation.
  • Idea: GrowthDrivers sought to automate these processes to reduce the manual workload on employees and lower operational costs.
  • Vision: The aim was to reallocate resources towards strategic growth and product development, optimizing operational efficiency and fostering innovation.

We devised a comprehensive DevOps strategy for GrowthDrivers, utilizing AWS services to automate and streamline their development and deployment processes, significantly cutting down the operational costs associated with infrastructure management.

  • Automated CI/CD Pipeline: Implemented using AWS CodePipeline, CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy, ensuring seamless, automated workflows from code commit to production.
  • Efficient Application Management: Utilized AWS Elastic Beanstalk for efficient web application management and deployment, significantly reducing manual effort.
  • Cost-Effective Infrastructure Management: Streamlined operational processes, cutting down costs associated with infrastructure management through automation and AWS services.

The solutions we offered

The outcomes achieved

The collaboration between GrowthDrivers and Applify led to transformative outcomes, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and innovation capacity.

  • Reduced Manual Hours: Achieved a 50% reduction in manual hours related to infrastructure management, reallocating resources to product development.
  • Increased Release Frequency: Shifted to weekly release cycles, enhancing the company's agility and response to market demands through faster feature delivery.
  • Operational Cost Reduction: Realized a 60% reduction in operational costs, facilitated by ephemeral environments for testing and automated deployment, enabling a focus on strategic growth and innovation.

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