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OryxHub is a versatile mobile application serving as a bridge between users and a wide range of highly-rated local services. Whether it's finding plumbers, electricians, beauticians, or babysitters, OryxHub facilitates seamless connections, electronic payments, and user feedback, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

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The project summary

OryxHub was facing significant challenges in its development and delivery processes. The traditional waterfall approach, with its late-stage quality and security checks, was proving inefficient and costly, hindering the company's ability to swiftly adapt to market demands.

  • Inefficiency and High Costs: Late detection of issues in the development cycle led to expensive and time-consuming fixes.
  • Slow Response to Market Demands: The waterfall model's rigidity delayed feature release cycles, affecting market responsiveness.
  • Preventable Production Issues: A considerable percentage of production issues were identifiable and preventable early in the development process.

We focused on revamping OryxHub's CI/CD pipeline and infrastructure, leveraging AWS CodePipeline and introducing best practices in DevOps to address the identified challenges effectively.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Automated deployment using CloudFormation templates ensured rapid, consistent setup across environments.
  • CI/CD Pipeline Enhancement: Integration of extensive testing and security checks at every stage of the pipeline minimized risks and improved quality.
  • Ephemeral Environments: Adoption of ephemeral environments for testing improved efficiency and reduced build times significantly.

The solutions we offered

The outcomes achieved

The collaboration between OryxHub and Applify led to transformative outcomes, significantly boosting the efficiency, quality, and responsiveness of OryxHub's service delivery.

  • Zero Development-Related Production Issues: Early and comprehensive testing eradicated issues related to development, enhancing product reliability.
  • Weekly Release Cycles: Transitioning to a more agile deployment schedule significantly improved OryxHub's market adaptability.
  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency Gains: Build times were drastically reduced, and costs for non-production environments were cut by over 50%, thanks to the efficient use of resources and parallel testing.

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