Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

The demand for mobile app development has seen an eye-catching hike in the last few years. Especially in the twenty-second century when the digital revolution is booming. And even though there is so much to be unraveled, we have already seen quite a lot of technological marvels. 

Gone are the days when people used to go through the whole process of booting the desktop computer every time they had a query or confusion. Today mobile phones are the primary devices that have completely taken over our day-to-day lives. And not just that, smartphones have also changed our lives in terms of problem-solving. 

Whether it’s about getting food, shopping for clothes, or even finding rides or a home, you name it, and “there’s an app for that”. The biggest favor our mobile phones do us today is in the form of mobile applications that solve all our queries while sitting comfortably on the couch.

The popularity of mobile apps is evident from these statistics:

  • 3.5 million apps make Google Play Store the biggest app store in the market
  • While The Apple App Store holds the second-highest rank with almost 2.2 million apps for iOS

Choosing among a pool of technology partners can be a hectic task. Today there are many top-rated mobile app development companies in the world, especially in Dubai. But as a product owner, there are some thorough steps that you need to take before you finalize your digital technology outsourcing partner.

In this blog, we have curated a list of certain must-know factors that will help you in the research for top-rated app development companies in Dubai

The right approach to find the best mobile app development companies in Dubai for your project

How to Find Mobile App Development Company in Dubai

1. Know your requirements

Even before starting your search for the perfect app developer team, you should start by putting together a list of all your ideas, details, and requirements.

Having a clear picture will only boost your chances of getting the right fit of app developers and getting what you really want in the final product. Clearly knowing your requirements will let you know what you actually want in the mobile app development company in terms of skills, technologies and thought even the process.

2. Work portfolio

Just like we look for a resume for onboarding an employee, a work portfolio serves as a resume for any app development firm. Every company showcases a portfolio of its best works to date. These portfolios are easily accessible on their websites or you can ask for one directly if the company doesn’t have one on their websites.

Taking a look at their best projects will give you an insight into the level of innovation the company can reach. A look at the work portfolio of all the best-reviewed mobile app development companies in Dubai can give you a kickstart to finding the perfect fit.

A developer is developing a mobile app

3. Size of the company

The size of the company is also a big factor that should be considered when selecting a mobile app development company. A company with enough app developers will be able to deliver good product quality as your project will be prioritized and will be given enough time.

Whereas a company with fewer developers might already be overburdened with the workload and that may tamper with the project at hand.

4. Their technical expertise

Today there are many technologies that are trending in the digital world. From blockchain to AI, every technology offers something or another, that can make an app 10x better. So it’s obvious that technical expertise and specialization are like the feathers added to the cap – the more, the better.

By looking at the technical stack and expertise you can get an idea about the company’s ability to develop catchy and engaging digital products. Look for the technologies your app might benefit from and the specialization of the mobile app development companies in Dubai that you are considering. 

5. Client review and testimonials

We as humans get our validation through others’ opinions of something. Social proof is an important concept that plays a major role in making or breaking the reputation of any business. Client reviews and testimonials are yet another great way to validate your decision to choose an app development company for your project.

These are first-hand descriptions of their previous clients’ experiences with the company at hand, which come in handy while making a decision. There are also several well-known, data-driven platforms that review and rate IT, marketing, and business services companies such as Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. Here you can easily check reviews and performances of different top mobile app development companies in Dubai.

Applify has been constantly rated 5-star and named a top mobile app development company by Clutch.

6. Timely delivery and pricing

On-time delivery and engagement models are something that you should compare. Knowing beforehand, that the company run with deadlines and timely launches will help you save time.

At Applify, we have flexible engagement models that can be molded per our client’s needs and requirements. You can easily get in touch with our business team and get a free quote based on the model you choose. 

An iOS Mobile app development is in the process

7. Maintenance and support services

A mobile app might stop running or may be inflicted with bugs and errors even after the launch. Does your mobile app development partner provide maintenance and support services? Or will they just cut all cords once the app is deployed?

Take note of the support and maintenance services all the top mobile app development companies in Dubai provide and go with the ones who will be there even after the product launch.

8. Their take on app security

Today, as the world is witnessing successful technological breakthroughs, there are several downsides to digital advancements simultaneously. Attackers and hackers are on the prowl and every now and then security breaches, data stealing, and cyber hacking stories make it to the newsfeeds.

So obviously guaranteed mobile app security is something that helps build user trust in an app. But one oftentimes forgotten thing that people while selecting a mobile app development partner is what measures are they going to take to create a secure app. So reaching out and asking questions is an important aspect of landing a perfect fit for your app development company.

9. Communication is the key

There are several app development companies that will completely take over your project without keeping you in the loop. But just like communication is a key factor in any relationship, it should be prioritized while your end-to-end product development cycle is in effect. Have a clear discussion about your expectations and desire for involvement in the process. Read reviews and look for communication subjects. You can also get in touch with some of the previous clients to know how the company had communicated with them in the past.

To sum it up

Choosing a mobile app development company in Dubai can be really easy given that there are so many good and experienced firms. All you need to do is be prepared to do your research and choose a partner wisely. If you’re looking for a mobile app development company in Dubai that checks all the above boxes, you have landed just in the right place.

We consider ourselves your perfect fit as we are technical experts who prioritize our clients and communicate on regular basis. You can get to know us better by simply leaving a message. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your next innovative app today!

I am a digital marketing strategist with 3+ years of experience at Applify.

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