3 Keyboard Apps that will Help You Type Faster and Better

Typing is something that we regularly come across in our life. No matter if you’re writing a small message, composing a lengthy email, or looking for an important information on the web – you need to type on your phone.

Although, for most people, smoothly typing on their smartphones without making any mistake is a great challenge. Hence, they always look for apps that can help them type faster without making any mistakes.

Are you also one of them?

If so, you’re at the right post. In this post, we’re going to mention a list of :

Best keyboard apps according to our design experts

Go ahead and check ‘em out:

1. SwiftKey


SwiftKey is the favourite of many users and there is a long list of reasons behind that, such as auto-correction, gesture typing, line prediction, and cloud syncing. This results in faster speed and increased productivity. There is also a large collection of themes to choose from.

Another thing that makes SwiftKey better is its advanced AI technology that easily learns your typing habits and offers suggestion accordingly.

What we admired about the tool?

  • Suggestive typing feature
  • High accuracy rates
  • Ability to switch between languages mid-sentence
  • Security measures to protect sensitive data
  • Predictive emoji




There are a lot of things that make Gboard a strong contender in our list – impressive design, seamless user interface, and a large collection of features.

Another thing that differentiates Gboard from the rest of keyboard apps is its built-in Google search feature, which makes sure you don’t have to leave the keyboard if you need to search anything.

And you know the best part?

You can use all these features free of cost. There is not even a single in-app purchase.

What we admired about the app?

  • Built-in Google search
  • GIF search
  • Voice typing
  • Google Translate
  • Multilingual typing


3. Grammarly


The last thing you would expect in an important business email is grammatical mistakes. They often result in poor communication. Perhaps that’s the reason, most people avoid writing important emails on their phones.

However, what if your job demands you to continuously travel and you can’t access your laptop or you just received a call from your boss to write an important mail to a client?

At this time, you’ll need to write the mail from your phone, no matter if you want or not.

Grammarly is made for such situations only. The keyboard app ensures that the sentences you type are grammatically correct and there are no typos.

What we admired about the app?

  • Built-in editor
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Contextual spelling check
  • Easy integration

So, which keyboard app is your famous? Let us know in comments!

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