Yap Yap came to us as a long pending project stuck up somewhere in the middle of design issues and launches. They wanted us to redesign the app fully and make it into an appealing piece of work for the teens. The target audience was that of London.


To make the app stand out from the thousands of pre-existing chat apps in the market; combined with innovation, to give the target audience a convincing reason to choose it.


To resurrect the app in its entirety held a challenge in itself. So we went with one step at a time, building wireframes from scratch to the masterpiece in its genre.


At the very onset, we chose the color Purple as the central theme for the app to make it stand out, since not many apps have realised the royalty that the hue signifies. The text appears in bold animations; with each feature of the chat app standing out.


The final outcome of the app design consisted of light tones of purple which are easy on the eyes. A text style used is not too bold, with the design kept generic to much extent.

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