Every great idea is ordinary in the beginning. It’s later when it is polished and made better.

Similar is the story of the Tul app. When our UK-based client approached us with the idea of an app that could prevent users from the hassle of borrowing tools and repair kits, we were impressed. The plan had a high calibre. It just needed a little polishing.

So, we agreed to work on it, and our journey for creating the TUL app began.


Our customer aimed to create an app that allows users to lend and borrow tools & repair kits directly from smartphones, thus preventing them from futile efforts.

However, it was not an easy task. Keeping track of all the available tools and making their real-time booking was tricky. Apart from this, we also had to make sure both the user and the lender stay in contact with each other.

That’s when we realised that we had to level up our game and add more efforts so that we could create an app that’s the best concerning both user experience and functionality.


We wanted Tul app to be the finest-in-league. Hence, we studied all popular lending/borrowing apps available in the market. We did in-depth analysis on why these apps were favourite or what other features could be added.

Finally, from this research, we begin creating wireframes that were unique and stood apart.


While our primary goal was to make the app lightweight and highly functional, we also didn’t want any compromise with the user experience. Hence, we opted for a design that could do justice with both.

To highlight the app’s functionality, our customer kept the theme black and white. We also put more emphasis on the fact that user must be able to perform all major operations in a minimum number of taps.

The whole app was designed strictly keeping all these things in mind.


After months of efforts and creative implementation, we finally created an app that makes lending and borrowing tools an easy affair. When we showed it to the client, he was happy as the product turned out to be exactly how he wanted it to be.

After his approval, we pushed the app live. It’s running successfully on both the app stores.

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