As Earl Nightingale once said, ‘Everything begins with an Idea.’ And so, did our journey with PinkBook. A mobile app that serve the best interest of all social butterflies by making the process of hosting kitty parties an easier affair. The client approached us with an idea to develop an app that addressed the common issues women face while organizing kitty parties and immediately offered a reliable solution to it. From keeping track of events to making arrangements, PinkBook is a ‘one stop solution’ for having successful get-togethers.


The main aim was to make the process of organizing and managing Kitty parties for women as effortless as possible.


After careful market study, our technical analysis team identified the most viable sections that were to be made accessible to users. On the basis of their remarks, our design team created a simple yet sophisticated wireframe complementing the engaging interface design.


On the basis of the wireframe crafted by them earlier, our designers begin designing the app. During this phase, they ensured that the screens are designed strictly in accordance to the wireframe.

The development process went swiftly. We didn’t encounter any major issue except for a few minor obstacles. We managed to sail through them as well.


After 45 days of continuous hard work and dedication, the results were in line with client’s expectations. PinkBook, an app for women that makes it easy to organise Kitty parties was now a living reality. Not only it is possible to collect funds and plan them in advance but, also bookings can be made for restaurants and hotels at hefty discounts. At present, the app is live now on both, Google Play Store and the Apple app store – working efficiently

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