National Life & General Insurance Company is one of the biggest and widely acclaimed company in Oman for Insurance. At the time, they were booking upto 1000 policies everyday through physical marketing and sales teams. NLGIC approached us to develop a mobile solution that would enable its customers to track their policy details via an app and purchase new policies too. The company is one of the first movers in Oman to digitalize the Insurance process and simplify the buying and renewing of policies.


We had a clear vision based on the main objectives for strategy given by NLGIC. The main idea was to reduce physical effort and cost effectively by enabling users to download the app and allowing them to buy or track policies. This was to reduce marketing team’s expense and all the new policies were to be sold via the app itself.


With almost the first mover advantage in Oman, NLGIC asked us to develop an app flow in a way that would essentially be very easy for users to understand in Oman. Since Oman users were not too accustomed to using mobile apps extensively, our design team made sure the app flow is super easy to understand and has somewhat website like forms for users to not get confused.


Our main challenge with designing the interface for this application was to bring NLGIC’s old branding in sync with the modernity of the mobile apps. NLGIC’s logo and branding was already stuck deep inside Oman’s customers and changing that was tricky. We used their branding colors but with a modern touch to the interface, making the amalgamation present everything on the screen, beautifully.


National Life & General Insurance Company is the 1st company in Oman to come up with a mobile app to their services for purchase. Using this app, customers can buy new policies, keep a track of the old ones, track their policies, search for policy details via policy number or vehicle registration number, set policy expiry reminders and much more.

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