Mediacorp is Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, operating a suite of TV channels, radio stations, and multiple digital platforms. Their next venture was about providing listeners a personalized, high quality, and interactive digital audio experience anytime, anywhere. Our expertise in designing and mobile solutions led the Mediacorp team to approach us to develop their official digital audio service, meLISTEN.


To create an interactive and immersive audio radio mobile app that connects users to top radio stations, DJs, music, and podcasts in Singapore.


Our team started the project after an intensive research session. Our strategy was clear and we wanted to create a personalized audio experience. For that, the first step was to connect them to 11 major radio stations in Singapore. The other features included connecting with DJs, discovering music, and podcasts online. Our designers did a fantastic job by creating clean and simple navigation throughout the app.


The Mediacorp team wanted the app to have a stellar design so it could stand out from others in the market. Our exceptionally talented team of designers came up with an innovative design strategy and a clean interface delivering their objective of a personalized digital listening experience to users.


Mediacorp was following the git development process very strictly so, in the initial stage, we did face some issues. But with time everything worked out as per their requirements. The app was widely appreciated and boasts 1 million plus downloads on Google Play Store.


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