DocSnap is just the app that every doctor requires. Being a medical app, it allows doctors to maintain patient records along with a provision to broadcast it to other doctors using the app for timely expert advice. The app founders themselves are doctors and wanted a convenient, but legal means to share medical data- a purpose that was not served via regular chat apps. DocSnap has been designed to cater to the audiences in London for now, keeping the audience inclination to iOS and iPad in focus.


To make it easier for medical practitioners to share and discuss the medical condition of their patients, for extensive support, with prior consent from the patient.


Clean and simple navigation specially designed for the medical practitioners.


A minimal design with the photo album designed around the lines of native gallery app making it super easy to understand.


DocSnap is a simple and secure cloud-based imaging app designed keeping healthcare professionals in mind. It provides users with a dedicated platform to take, save and share medical images or videos, together with a digitally recorded patient consent form. Users can tag images and make comments, allowing them to discuss cases with other healthcare professionals in a secure environment. Importantly, DocSnap is a stand alone imaging app, separate from a user’s iPhone / iPad Camera and Photos app, ensuring images and videos taken for professional purposes are completely separate from the user’s personal image gallery avoiding inadvertent breaches of patient confidentiality and patient sensitive data.

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