With over 25 years in the recruitment business, Dice Holdings Inc. (DHI Group), has been a driving force in modern day recruitment, with technology at their core. Founded in 1990, has 500+ employees worldwide, with 13 subsidiaries and revenues amounting over a quarter of a billion dollars annually.

As part of their rebranding campaign, Dice Europe’s marketing department wanted to include a mobile application which was to allow users the opportunity to transform themselves into superheroes and battle each other, gaining points and moving up the leaderboard.


Although the design and development of this app was not an issue, the challenges lay in three main areas:


When we calculated the time and resources required for the original version of the proposed app, the project cost exceeded the budget. Therefore, we had to look at alternative options to meet requirements, expectations and the desired budget.


Dice required us to round up the entire app development process within 5 weeks- a rather tight schedule. And since we do not compromise on the quality of our product, we had to always be on our toes in a constant hustle, to deliver the best in time.


Apart from English, the app was required to be available in German for release in the Western Europe. This included the app store description and in-app language to be changed automatically for German users.


We decided that we could deliver the app with the original concept, placing pre-designed superhero graphics that users could scroll through and align with their face to take a selfie using their phone’s front camera. By doing this, we were able to reduce the time and the cost required to deliver significantly.

With such adjustments, not only were we able to satisfy Dice’s budgetary requirements, but also design and launch the app within the 5 week time frame: providing users with a selfie-mode landing screen, a selection of 12 supersuits, battle history, a hero vault for the multiple characters they can create and much more!








Our technical analysis team identified the most viable sections that were to be made accessible to users. Our design team acted on it and created a beautifully simple app that would go on to compliment an engaging interface design.


Starting from Superhero costume filters to a complete game like interface, our design team made sure all the character filters were right on the first screen of the app, making it easy for people to take a selfie as a Superhero. The interface was kept aligned with the Dice branding and promote their motive behind this marketing app.


The Dice SuperHeroes app lets you create an ultimate superhero character out of yourself and developing your own set of trump cards. Fight your way to the top of the leaderboard by challenging other superheroes to battle. Show off to your friends (and enemies) by sharing your battle results and cards via Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp using #DiceSuperheroes.

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