A global beverage giant, the Coca Cola Company is a name that needs no introduction. The company processes the manufacturing, retailing, and marketing of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. After ruling the global market for the longest period, the Coca-Cola team wanted to explore new ideas for their vending machines and see if there could be a better way to engage with their new Generation Z customers.


One of the biggest challenges was to come up with a ‘rapid’ approach and an innovative design strategy to redesign their traditional vending machine UX through their mobile app in an intriguing manner. But when we say ‘rapid’, we mean like ‘within-5-days-rapid’.


Our technical analysis and design team combined their exhaustive research with the drive to provide an unmatched user experience to create an innovative Design Thinking Approach for an engaging interface design.

Our approach looked something like this:

Reviewing the existing Coca Cola app
Competitor analysis & industry trends
Reimagining user experience design
Adherence to time constraints

Our design team focused on the following core UI/UX principles


Without wasting any time, our team started working on making the entire process of choosing soft drinks of their choice as simple as 1-2-3. For that our team pulled off a five-days Design Sprint Methodology by quickly aligning under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables.

04 Process Stage 1

Now the first thing on our mind was to allow users to easily choose their drink of choice through the mobile app without any hassles. Our team decided to list all the Coca Cola branded drinks on the initial mobile selection page with three-dot indicators shown underneath to put an end to infinite scrolling. After accomplishing it, the next thing we wanted to achieve was to have the user’s drink selection sent over to the nearest Coca Cola kiosk through the app itself.

05 Process Stage 2

While analyzing the existing app, our team came across a feature where Coca Cola would break up the drinks selected by users to equal a total amount of 100% in an odd pie-chart visual representation. Wanting to provide a better visual and user experience, our team decided to redesign this visual representation of the drinks totaling 100% by using the iconic Coca Cola bottle staying true to the image of the brand.

06 Result

After 5 days of careful planning, endless brainstorming sessions, and creative implementation, the Coca Cola team loved what our design team came out with. We were happy that the end result met all their expectations and they were satisfied with how Applify helped them to improve their vending machine UX in just 5 days.

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