Top 10 Mobile App Developers in Dubai, UAE in 2022

A growing trend in cloud-based solutions and IoT technologies have driven mobile app developers in Dubai and around the world to upraise the innovation bar. 

Consumers’ perception of technology has changed in the modern world and many business owners are focusing their efforts on building cross-platform, Android, and iOS apps to improve their customer experience.

Want to make your idea into reality but having trouble finding the best mobile app development company in Dubai for your idea? You have just landed in the right place. 

No matter what type of business, size, industry, or requirements you have, with top app development companies in UAE you always have the scope to build your perfect custom applications.

Through this article, we promise to make your search for the best mobile app developers in Dubai further easy by curating a list of the top 10 app development companies in Dubai. But before that, here are a few consideration factors that you should always keep in mind before finalizing your development partner firm.

How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company UAE?

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If you are planning to develop an app, finding a mobile app developers in Dubai requires a smart approach in terms of looking at some key parameters. In order to transform your app development process to a higher level, your tech partner’s experience and reputation become very important.

Without any previous experience, it can become challenging to right source a mobile app development company in Dubai for your business app. 

But that’s what we are here for. Follow these aspects to make your search easy!

  • As we have mentioned before, a company’s reputation as a digital agency can be a deciding factor for your app’s success. For this, you can explore Clutch and other B2B review rating platforms like GoodFirms, DesignRush, and several others.
  • These days, it’s not recommended at all to communicate your idea to a third party, without signing the NDA. So, before you initiate the discussion, it’s best to filter the companies that are considered on this basis.
  • It is also essential for business owners to check the design portfolio of app development companies to make sure that they have a certain standard and that the final product will be of high quality. 
  • It is also important not to choose a company solely based on cheap prices because it may result in bizarre consequences down the line. Choose a firm that provides a clear understanding between your app needs and budget restrictions.
  • Technical bug rectifications should be prioritized and the development company must ensure its products reach app stores free of technical errors using quality assurance and testing methods.
  • An application’s life expectancy can be adversely affected by security concerns, such as uncertain deployment, insecure storage, and data leaks. In this regard, hiring a company to develop applications with secure code should always be on top of your priority list while looking for a development agency.

Now that we have cleared all the starting factors, next comes the development companies to choose from. So without further ado let’s continue.

Top mobile app developers in Dubai that you can consider

Listed below are the companies that utilize all their experience and expertise to provide their clients with an easy-to-use mobile app development solution.

1. Emirates Graphics

On Clutch, Emirates Graphic has been rated as the number one web development agency in Dubai. Emirates Graphic offers full-stack mobile app development in Dubai for iOS and Android, which is creative, inventive, and unique. 

Their expertise ranges from complex web platforms to corporate websites, including advanced e-commerce. The website they design is visually impressive, convincing, and fully functional so that they can satisfy their customers and succeed online and offline. 

As a team of professionals with over 300 successful projects behind them, they will provide you with expert advice and guidance for your project. At Emirates Graphic, they believe that every business is unique, which is why each client receives a different strategy and approach.

Mobile app development company in UAE

2. Promatics Technologies

As a leading company in the Middle East, Promatics Technologies provides web and mobile app development services. The company has built a seasoned team of 100+ developers with a strong foundation in mobile and web application development. 

Additionally, they provide engagement and delivery models that are enhanced and optimized. They have dedicated teams with customer-centric approaches who consistently deliver on all levels, whether they’re handling business analysis, UI/UX, development, or quality assurance.

Startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies can benefit from their mobile app development services. In addition to being your vendor, they also act as your technology partner and guide you at every stage, offer the best suggestions, and help you evolve your ideas. 

You can review their clutch profile here.

Mobile app development company in UAE

3. Diginix AI IT Solutions

With a team of expert mobile app developers in Dubai, Diginix AI IT Solutions is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai. In order to fulfill their customers’ needs, they strive to provide extensive services and quality development. 

The company adheres to strict service management guidelines, ensuring that all the development requirements are met before and after a project is completed. 

The team approaches every project with a double-lens view, taking into account both the client (strategy, profitability, market) and the target audience (characteristics, needs, problems). 

Over 120 restaurants in the UK currently use their product, which has been developed for businesses across several industries. You can review their profile on Clutch.

Mobile app development company in UAE

4. Branex

The Branex team is a company that develops custom mobile apps in Dubai with an emphasis on innovation, emerging technologies, and trends. There are several small, midsize, and large companies relying on their comprehensive business solutions to increase sales and reach their targets. 

The solutions they provide enhance users’ digital experience by delivering innovative and ingenious solutions. Brandex helps you increase your brand’s visibility online, increase audience engagement, and drive sales. 

You can review their clutch profile here.

Mobile app development company in UAE

5. Appikr Labs

Appikr Labs builds mobile apps that generate billion-dollar profits for brands and companies. With a reputation for excellence and 100% customer satisfaction, Appikr Labs is among the top mobile app development companies in UAE, US, and UK.

The company offers full-cycle mobile app development as well as custom development according to your needs. Their services cover a wide range of industries, including real estate, events, on-demand, tours and travel, social networking, education, health, automotive, etc.

They specialize in Mobile app development, AR/VR development, Blockchain, Custom software development, IoT, and Wearable app development.

You can review their clutch profile here.

Mobile app development company in UAE

6. Applify 

Applify is one of the most trustworthy and top custom app development companies in Dubai that can guide you through creating a product map that has a clear structure for converting your ideas into a workable product. 

Creating user flows, personas, experience maps, sketches, mood boards, wireframes, and clickable prototypes is how their team crafts an excellent mobile app experience. 

Clutch, Appfutura, and DesignRush have all awarded them 5-star ratings and reviews in recognition of their relentless focus on achieving success for clients. There are some amazing and futuristic products that Applify has delivered successfully. 

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7. Blink22

Founded in 2015, Blink22 specializes in emerging technologies and value-driven projects and has been developing innovative software for smart companies around the world by turning incredible ideas into reality. 

They are a team of over 50 highly-skilled technology and administrative professionals working with you to create world-class applications from conception to launch, so you can focus on expanding your business. 

Designed for growth-oriented businesses globally, Blink22 develops web-based apps, mobile applications, and chatbots. 

You can review their clutch profile here.

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8. Interexy

Aiming to become the best mobile development agency, Interexy aims to achieve success in the mobile space. As a technology company, they help companies digitize their processes and improve customer experiences through mobile apps while building products from scratch with a strong network of partners. 

A wide range of industries can benefit from their app and web development services, including blockchain, NFT, healthcare, fintech, marketplace, and more. With the Interexy team, you will not only be able to make your app the next market giant but also have an enjoyable, engaging experience throughout the entire process. Interexy team takes care of your ideas and suggests the best ways to implement them. 

You can review their clutch profile here.

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9. Silicon Graphics

Silicon Graphics provides mobile app development in Dubai that is customer-centric, enhances the clients’ engagement, and increases the credibility of businesses. Their applications are known for their superior user experience and engaging user interfaces. 

As a comprehensive digital marketing agency, they provide all types of digital marketing services, including website design and app development. Silicon graphics provide modern solutions that skyrocket the success of businesses using cutting-edge technologies. 

In order to deliver top-notch services to clients, they have a hand-picked team of the app and web experts with extensive experience. Several well-known UAE companies have trusted them with their IT needs, such as CAC International Bank, Minutes, NRTC, Karen Millen, and the Hyatt Group.

You can review their clutch profile here.

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10. Inventcolabs

It is a leading web & mobile app development firm with offices in the United States, Singapore, Qatar, and Business Alliance in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to serving blue-chip customers with their corporate & business requirements, they served Adidas, Toyota, and many others. 

Their expertise in business-critical environments has attracted more than 200 companies around the globe and has made a significant impact on the domain across industry timelines and trends over the past 8+ years. The IT services sector is known for its innovation driven by Inventcolabs. 

You can review their clutch profile here.

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Bottom Line

We hope that this list of top 10 app development companies in Dubai will give you a kickstart for your search of finding a perfect development partner. Where all these companies are at the top of their game, you can conduct your research according to this list and choose the perfect fit for your product development. 

If you think Applify can be your app development partner, connect with us today! With 8+ years of experience and a dedicated development team and expertise in web and mobile apps, we have consistently delivered innovative solutions. It is our mission to help our clients move their businesses to the next level of success by providing a great user experience.

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