For the success of AI, you need a ‘no-fear’ Approach – Here’s why!

Most GenX users would easily relate when I quote that time when computerization of workspaces was introduced. The biggest fear that struck people was that of joblessness. Since the 18th Century Industrial Revolution new jobs are generated for those displaced since the machines demanded to be operated. However, a shift to the Artificial Intelligence system does not create a venue for the displaced, raising the question – what about the people who’ve made careers with the jobs being replaced.  

However, the technology will bring humongous benefit to the world, and most leading companies like Facebook, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are focusing on AI Development. With AI having the power to tackle grand challenges of the world, here’s why we need a ‘no-fear’ approach for the success of Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Improved Healthcare:

In the healthcare industry, Artificial Intelligence can aid the process of diagnosis of diseases like cancer, leukemia and heart diseases with more accuracy. The IBM, pushing Watson; has already made headlines on millions of research papers for having saved lives with a diagnosis of rare forms of leukemia.  

Google’s AI Team- Deepmind partnered with London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of ailments like cataracts and glaucoma. It is now helping the UK’s Public Health Service- NHS; streamlining the processes for patient care.

  1. Better Education:

And the world can benefit from it. The AI Entity understands and interprets through the process of natural language processing. With this, AI can disseminate information and knowledge to those who lack access to the information they need. Combining this with a sophisticated personalization implies the beaconing of a new era in education, with tailored learning that suits the unique needs of every individual.

It also implies to the reach of knowledge and education to areas weak in resources. iMlango already tapped Kenya, with a first phase rollout of 150,000 kids.

  1. A Glaring Near Future:

The AI technology clearly provides for problem-solving, within seconds and works on every permutation-combination of a problem; that too 24×7. The potential benefits of it can be huge and world-changing, justifying the true sense of the term.

AI is a revolutionary turf in development, but it is the consumer of the technology that decides its best use. The fears may be too real and need to be addressed, but rejecting an advancement in a technology like this, doesn’t seem a fair choice.

The fear about AI will hinder the use of this essential tool for change. Educate the next gen to be prepared for such a change, the positives of it and a world of unimaginable possibilities being created for them. (reminds me of the classic Jetsons!) Educate them with actively participating in reshaping the world with tax benefits, for AI is for everyone, and only a ‘no-fear’ approach will bring it the success.

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