Ultimate Guide on How to Make an App Like Uber in 2023

Recent years have seen a significant increase in ridesharing services and the Uber app is the best example of a taxi-hailing service that has grown into a multibillion-dollar business. If you want to make an app like Uber, you need to understand Uber’s business strategy and working pattern. 

The Uber app is currently available in 84 countries and 800 cities providing on-demand connections between riders and drivers 24 hours a day. With great app user interaction, effective marketing campaigns, and few reported errors, Uber has established a significant market share. Developing an Uber-like app seems a smart move for businesses and transportation companies alike.

To better understand how to make an app like Uber, read this article below.

How does the Uber App Work?

Make an app like Uber

The Uber ride-hailing service allows you to submit a ride request which is automatically sent to a nearby driver with your location. The Uber driver will then confirm the ride details, pick you up and drop you at the location you specified. As soon as the ride is completed, you will be asked to pay for it and rate it. As soon as the payment is completed, the user gets the option to rate and comment on the ride.

One of the primary sources of revenue of the Uber app development is that it takes a 25% commission from each ride.

There are 5 levels of Uber services:

  1. UberX
  2. Uber Black
  3. UberSelect
  4. Uber SUV
  5. UberLUX

The Uber app development connects drivers with passengers. As a result, you need to develop the following apps:

  • Driver app- The app allows drivers to accept the requests of passengers/users. 
  • Passenger app- The app allows passengers to book and confirm rides quickly.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Make an App like Uber

Uber app development

The following step-by-step guide will explain how to make an app like Uber from the idea all the way to its successful launch:

1. Market and User Research

In order to make an app like Uber that will set it apart from the competition, the first step is to conduct market research, identify main competitors and develop an app that will be unlike any other app out there.

Make sure you understand your target audience, their pains, and how your application can help them. Create a comprehensive monetization strategy for your application to generate revenue. Since the taxi booking industry is a large one and there are other apps like Uber you need to keep a track of more information. 

2. App Specifications

You should start by adding basic features to your app to launch it faster. You can either develop iOS and Android applications together or go with a single version.

3. App Design

Decide what you want your application to look like. Create a user experience and interface based on previous customer and driver data that makes your application easy to use.

If you are a new entrant in the app design world, then taking help from a UI design company could be the right choice.

4. App Development Team

The next step is to decide which region you would like to outsource and how to develop an uber like app, choose the company with the best portfolio, project experience, and communication processes. 

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5. Customer Feedback

Publish your app to the market, gather feedback from customers, analyze in-app user behavior using solutions such as Mixpanel, Appsee, etc., conduct surveys, and collect feedback. 

6. Marketing Strategy

Ensure that you start marketing your app before it is released and continue it once the app has been released. A successful marketing campaign should help you gain new customers and retain old ones. Make sure you keep your application up to date with the latest market trends and requirements.

Features you Must Include in Uber Clone App Development 

Uber app development

1. User Registration

The user registration feature is something that every application is offering today. Allowing users to sign up and sign in with their email, phone number, and social media accounts. Several social media networks play a role in the signup process, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

2. Taxi Booking 

This is the main feature of how to develop an Uber-like app that usually displays an interactive map with options such as providing the exact address, specifying the pickup location, and choosing the type of vehicle.

3. Push Notifications

Keep your users informed on the status of their ride requests, the time of arrival of their car, and what minimum time they will reach the location. 

4. Driver Tracking 

There should be the ability for passengers to track their cars’ movements and see an estimate of the arrival time before they arrive.

5. Payment Management

Ensure that you offer multiple options for paying for rides, including Debit cards, PayPal, UPI, and Apple Pay, and don’t forget to add cash as well.

6. Customer Support 

You should offer your customers the option to connect with someone who can assist them with payment problems, registration issues, etc.

7. Ratings and Reviews

Include this feature so users can rate each ride experience and driver to ensure other passengers have a good view.

8. Security Management

Upon request, you will be provided with the driver’s name, phone number, and picture identification. However, if you feel threatened, you may contact the police using the driver’s information, which gives you a higher level of safety,

9. Navigation

A good relocation feature is just as significant as the application itself. With this feature, customers are able to locate their ride and see how far it is from their location.

Other Features to Include in Uber App Development

Uber clone app development
  • Ride Cancellation
  • Voice Assistant
  • Contact Details and Messaging Section
  • Schedule an Advance Ride
  • Book for Others
  • Discounts and Reward Points

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Must-have Passenger App Features

  • User Registration
  • Taxi Booking
  • Tracking Driver.
  • Payments
  • Customer Support and Security
  • Push Notifications
  • Contact and User Feedback

Must-have Driver app features

  • Driver Registration
  • Manage Bookings
  • Push Notifications
  • Pick-Up and Drop Navigation
  • Contact Details
  • Ride Cancellation

Cost to Make an App Like Uber

The cost of developing an app like Uber is determined by a variety of factors, including the design, number and complexity of features, app platform, operating system information, capability of the development team, location, and technology preferences. As part of the app development process, you must also create an admin panel. This part will take between 260 and 360 hours to develop, according to its functionality.

The cost to build an Uber-like app may range from $45,000 – $100,000 for two platforms according to the features included. 

If you want to get a quick idea of the cost to make an app like Uber, this app cost calculator can help you a lot.

Final Words

A taxi booking app is an excellent choice for a startup. With one click of their smartphone, your users can summon a cab right outside their door!

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