Low code App Development: A Trend that Changed the Way We Create Apps

The relation between an app and code is no less than a body and soul. Both cease to exist without each other.

An app without code is like a corpse that wouldn’t function. Also, there’s no purpose of doing code if there’s no app.

In short, coding is besoin de l’heure, which means the need of the hour. You can’t create a quality app without paying enough attention towards it during the development process.

Although, the concern is!

This is the era of increasing demands. People want everything fast forward. Amidst this, do you think you can deliver your project by focusing on the code alone? Several other metrics need equal attention, such as conceptualization, user experience, and wireframes.

What about them?

That’s when you need a better development process that can help you create apps faster without any impact on the quality.

Low-code app development does exactly the same.


What is low-code app development?

Low-code app development is an app development methodology that lets you create apps through graphical user interfaces and configurations instead of having to write the entire code, which you used to do in traditional procedural programming.

This is how low-code app development helps:

  • It takes less time to develop quality apps.
  • There’s minimal involvement of coding part in the app development process.
  • More and more people can contribute to the development process. Even people who’re not trained programmers can create the app.
  • The initial cost of setup, training, and deployment also gets less

That’s why there’s been a significant rise in the use of low-code app development process.

According to stats, the worth of low code app development will reach $15.5 billion in 2020.

This means the technology is getting insanely popular. More and more businesses are showing interest in it, which includes leading app development firms in UK, US, Singapore, and other emerging markets. It is one of the most popular app development trends at present from which millions have benefitted.

Now, it’s your turn!

Low-code app development will completely change your fate. You’ll be able to create quality apps in lesser time and lead to better productivity.

So, are you interested?

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