Everything You Want To Know About The New Google Keyboard For iPhone

So, finally, Google has released its signature keyboard called Gboard from Google round the corner for its software rival iOS. Is Google set to take over its competitor iPhone market with this ambitious launch? How is this going to benefit the company as a whole? Is Gboard going to make lives simple? What are the features being served? And is it time to switch over to the new Gboard from your regular Apple board? We are going to take each query in detail below. So, here we go-

One very notable thing is that this time Google not only has come up with a third party keyboard option for Apple but has combined some very new features to it which it didn’t even make available for its own Android platform as soon. So what these features are? Read on with us.

First of all its crucial to know that Gboard isn’t just a simple keyboard. Unlike the old school keyboards which only have letter keys, this is a new world typing tool altogether.

The first and foremost feature which is going to lure you into it is its Search Result Option. This feature is completely new to the market be it for Apple or any other platform. Using it you can send search results while typing.

And this is how Google describes the Search option-“Say you’re texting a friend about tomorrow’s lunch plans. They ask you for the address. Until now it’s worked like this: You leave your texting app. Open Search. Find the restaurant. Copy the address. Switch back to your texts. Paste the address into a message. And finally, hit send. With Gboard, you can search and send all kinds of things—restaurant info, flight times, news articles—right from your keyboard. With one tap, you can send it to your friend and you keep the conversation going.”

So, now anything, you were otherwise going searching on Google, now you can simply search on Gboard. Looks something out of the box…Ain’t it?

Not only search results but you can also instantly find cool emojis and GIFs while still on the chat and send them over in a single click.



Many are wondering what can be the motive of Google coming up with this idea? It’s simple. This keyboard has been designed to boost the number of Google searches on iOS. Although the company holds a monopoly on the global search market, the number of searches done on a mobile is significantly less than that on a desktop. With every search result, Google shows up its most expensive ads. They are simply not ready to give up on searches, something that earns them the most revenue. Nice marketing skills, right?

What Else?

There are times when you don’t have a minute to spend typing a long message. But Google has thought over this as well. To make the keyboard type faster for you Google has added Glide Typing, which lets you type words by sliding your finger from key to key instead of tapping.

And added to all this, you can use the same tool for all your typing purposes be it for YouTube, Email or messaging.

Soon the company(says) is going to add more language options for the same.

There have been third-party keyboards for Apple users beforehand as well but none could stay for long. With fame attached to Google’s name, it’s going to be interesting to watch if Apple users like it or not?

Impressed with Gboard? Want to try it out? It’s ready for a free download on App Store. Go on.


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