Business Development Strategies for new business from Entrepreneur

One of the key areas of focus in heading a successful business is to be thoroughly engaged in the business development process. We just stumbled upon this video from Entrepreneur, where Entrepreneur Network Partners- Chris Haddon and Jason Balin discuss four highly effective tactics of business development that are ready to be implement in your enterprise right away!

They suggest, having a Facebook Live Broadcast consistently. Teach your audience something new via a broadcast or give them a behind the scenes tour to the company- a little camera blurb is engaging and enticing for your audience.

Email Blasts is another suggested means to reach your prospective clients effectively. Think of thoughtful impersonal things that your client will be happy to have. Send a warm note and let them know you care. This means doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money, yet is healthy in building a firm relationship with both- your clients and potential clients.

But yeah, don’t spam.  

Haddon and Balin also recommend organizing an event or a meetup, like a small roundtable to start with. Once participation grows, make this into a regular event. This way, it’ll be rather simple for you to grab business via connecting with people both inside and outside your industry.

Watch the video for a complete insight on the four free and effective tactics of business management.

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