Brains Behind Apps: Startups can Make the Right Decision

Ever wondered how apps like Uber, Airbnb, Zomato or a lot of other successful apps you use on a daily basis started? How they actually got their app built? It was the only asset their success was based on at the time, so, they made sure they do not compromise with it and made it big with that thought. Let’s take Uber’s example, it is the biggest taxi company operating globally without even owning a single cab and it all started because of one smart decision was taken by the founder of the company.

Let me walk you through this, there are only 2 ways you can kick-start your startup and entrepreneurial journey after you have an idea in mind.

First one is that you hire your team and have full in-house resources to create a prototype and further launch in the market. This process is not recommended (we know you feel passionate about doing everything yourself but we’re certain you’ll fall). It involves a lot of things and some of them include having enough knowledge about the process, sourcing for the right team members, cost of infrastructural setup and having a monthly cost of overheads. The number of things can go wrong in this approach such as bad hiring, delay in product development, financial crunch, management, and launch issues, etc. For everything that will go wrong, nobody will claim the failure and you would have to accept it.

Another way(probably the best way) is to hire a mobile apps solutions company to take care of all your startup issues and launch your product. You can always hire a full stack team yourself once you have made it. All your troubles and sleepless nights are taken away with one good decision. Ideas remain only ideas until executed well! And here’s where we at Applify step in.

Applify is one of the fastest growing app design and development companies with operations in 4 countries with our HQ in London. We have a focus on working with people with incredible ideas, be it apps for Android or that for iOS, we create meaningful experiences.  We have a vision for creating the most innovative app technology company in the world and can help startups or enterprises to get more than imagined.

What Will You Get From US?

To begin with, a Product Strategist to brainstorm on your idea and create a Product document (which basically is a bible for us in terms of creating your product). We then assign a dedicated project manager to manage the team and keep you updated. The team could consist of Designers, Developers, Testers, Content Writers, Web designers, etc depending on your requirements. We will design the app UI with your suggestions in mind and develop the app. You will also be able to check the progress of the app on your own device every 2 weeks so that you know what your team is up to. To know more about the process, see how it works on our website.

With the technical and product side of your business taken care of, we would also help you in getting in touch with the right mentors whenever you would feel the need or VCs once your product is developed by us and ready.

If you are still wondering about us as a company, you will not be disappointed if you check out our Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram handles to get a view of who we are as a company. We strongly believe in something we always held onto ever since we began our journey and it totally defines us as a company, “Serious Apps. Fun People!”


Our founders, Ojus Sharma(CEO) and Deepak Bhagat(CCO), have seen a fair share of all the ups and downs in their journey to bring us where we are now. We’re proud of our journey, starting from a 200 sq ft room to having operations in 4 countries (and growing as you read) in just 2 years. If you would wish to get in touch with them, they’re always open to positive networking.

We at Applify believe that small and right decisions do matter. These decisions may be the key to everything. Maybe Uber or Airbnb wouldn’t have been where they are if they decided to do everything by themselves but instead, they decided to let experts do the job for them and become major players in their industries.

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