9 Play Store Tips And Tricks Every Android User Should Keep Handy

Avid android user? More of an Appaholic? Have App Outlets become ‘next to home’ for you? Then you surely can’t afford to miss out on these tips and tricks one can apply to make the most of Google Play Store.

1. Don’t forget your Web Browser!

Use that website for reaching Google Play Store! It has got stuff and settings your otherwise can’t reach through your phone interface.


2. Keep a check on your devices!

Google remembers your each and every device and marks it up in a list for you.

  • To manage your Play Store devices, go to Google Play Settings in a browser, and a list of all the devices connected with that account will appear.
  • Here you can give your devices nicknames by tapping ‘Edit’ or hide them from your menus by
  • un-checking the ‘Show in menus’ box.
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3. There’s a parental lock!

Fed up of your kid handling your phone? You can stop them downloading all those heavy Candy Crush Versions by simply applying a parental lock!

4. Just set it on Auto Update!

You want everything up to date? Just tap on the Auto Update feature so you get just the latest version for your apps whenever you use them.

5. Password protect it!

Want to cut down your play store bill? But cant stop your Homies making new app purchases every time, using your account? There’s an option to put a password on the purchases.


6. Use that Wishlist Tab!12160159925_9b304f170d_b

Just like any other online shopping portal Play Store too comes with a ‘cart’ named “Wishlist”. Here, you can drop in and store the apps while you scroll through some other stuff.

7. Keep a tap on the “Trending”!


Google provides you with a list of apps that are trending worldwide. The list is tailored according to your likes which google continually keeps a tap on.

8. Download an app for your Android device, while working on Desktop!

This is the most biggest, the trickiest trick, many cliche users don’t have an idea about. Yeah, you read it right. You can always download an app through your web browser, and get it installed on your android phone. Just follow the simple steps-

  1. Open Google Play Store on your browser.
  2. Select the app you would like to download.
  3. Click on the Install button.
  4. Select the device and click the Install button.mobile_app_virtualization_diagram

9. Don’t like an App? Get refunded for it!

You ordered the app, but found it of no use? That game you downloaded with all those alluring graphics turned out to be a bore? No problem! You will get a time of two full hours to try a purchased item out before clicking that “Refund” button, which appears next to “Open”.

9 Play Store Tips and Tricks, Every Android user should keep Handy!! Don’t limit your scopes to just the basic tabs which appear to every common eye. Developers put a lot of hard work to deliver even the simplest feature. We ourselves are a team of  such App Geekos, delivering the best in App markets since years. Make the best out of each and every App feature and stand out from the crowd! Involve yourself in some head-turning!

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