5 Mistakes You Make While Hiring An App Development Firm!

If you are stuck with the dilemma as to which firm to go away with when it comes to developing an app, this blog is written just for you. We have focused this blog on the mistakes people make while choosing their App Developers. We will try to break some age-old myths in the app development history(which keeps repeating itself, no doubts). Your app is your brainchild and it deserves only the right people to get handled by. So, keep an eye before ending up committing these sins –

1. Relying on Google!

What do you do whenever you have a technical question in mind? And we are very sure, you always go with Google. Because that’s the best and the most modernistic approach, right? What you will do is open up the search engine and go searching “App Development Firms”; and not to wonder, Google will list out a staggering 7 million results for the same. And how many will you sift through? A petty 1 or a 2 or 3-page listings, if I am not guessing wild? But you might be a little wrong here. In this way, you might get a firm who has invested well in the SEO, but might not be a nice ‘App Development Firm’, otherwise!

Now you will ask me, “If not Google, then what?”

Well, we didn’t ask you to leave Google altogether but to consider some ‘old-school’ search techniques as well. Like for example, this way! It’s just your chance to make your gains from all the free-food parties you threw. Talk to your friend’s circle, ask about their friend circle, if they know any nice developer. When will your friends come into utility? You can also go a little researching. Though you might have to act a little creep! But Man! Finding the app development firms don’t come easy! Switch to your favorite app. Sift through their contact details and send them a cute e-mail saying you loved their app and wanted to know if who the talented developer is? You might get reverted back with just the address you ever required.

2. Hiring the old and experienced!

The next sin is to go with the lists an App Development Firm provides you with their work history. The list may be long and alluring. It might even contain some very successful names, but it is not what you should get swayed away with. You don’t need the most famed, the biggest marketer but the one who does exactly what you ever needed. And mark my words “Ever needed”, and not “Ever asked for”.

3. Hiring a robot!

Now, you will wonder if there are even robots in the app development agency?? Yeah, sure, there are!!! There are companies which just take up an order and build exactly what you ever have asked for. Just the thing you have ever imagined! But wait!! Aren’t they mere “Robots”? Think again. You need a company who argues, a company which looks for loopholes in your idea, a company who is sure about your success but doubts your app. You don’t need a donkey to take up all the load but an ant which knows what to carry forth. Quoting more directly, you need a company which looks ‘through’ your idea and not just ‘at’ it!

4. Hiring a Modelling Agency!

Well, people do that again and again. They get allured by eye-catchy designs. No matter how beautiful your app looks your ultimate goal is making revenue. If your app development firm doesn’t know a thing about marketing, you have landed at the wrong place-‘a modeling agency’, to put it right! You don’t only need a beautiful design. You need a nice design which fetches you business. Which is easy to handle, a simple one will do! Beautiful is the last aspect anyone should go looking for, while it comes to apps.

5. Hiring the Giant!

Don’t hire the Giant! Hiring a dwarf will do, but a Giant!!! Well, like any other prospective entrepreneur looking for an app development firm, you might have made a nice list of the biggest firms in the genre, leave alone your country but of the whole world. Going for the biggest is as if joining a class of 500. The teacher can’t pay attention to one. Going by a research done by  ‘Horn Group and Kelton’ which revealed that two-thirds of CMOs prefer agencies with 50 or fewer staff members. It not only increases the attention your app will receive but hiring small means consistent account management, a continuous tap on your work, closer working relationships, and of course, fewer cabins to jump through.

So, for now, its an end of the list, although there are a thousand myths still left to rip open. Hope, next time, you will think over again, while handing over you’re ‘dearer than a baby’ app to someone. Keep following our blogs.


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