5 Apps That Can Help You stick with your Your New Year Resolution

One significant thing about new year resolutions is that we take them every year yet fail to achieve them. The same cycle continues the next year followed by another year and it never stops. In the end, you have a diary full of bucket list and later on, the regret that why you couldn’t fulfill them.

Even I had a long list of resolutions that I took last year but couldn’t meet them. Learning piano, practising Calisthenics, going on a road trip, becoming a better person both on personal and professional level, so on.

To avoid such disappointments further, we have listed down 5 apps that will help you to successfully attain them.

1. Calorie Counter: My Fitness Pal

Calorie Counter: My Fitness Pal

There is an ancient saying – ‘You become what you eat.’

And you definitely don’t want to turn into a couch potato. This handy app here helps to keep track of all the calories and ensure that you stay in shape.

What we admired:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • A database of over 6 Million food items
  • Dynamic theme
  • Features like Restaurant logging, barcode scanner, and diary customisation

2. Any.do


Maintaining lists and calendar of events can become tiresome. Any.do can prove a lot helpful in this. The app lets you arrange lists and then get them done systematically, to avoid unnecessary clutter. You can even put a reminder so that you don’t skip anything important.

What we admired:

  • Simple & powerful calendar outlook
  • Powerful task list management
  • Share & assign tasks

3. LinkedIn

linked in

Some of you might’ve also set some professional goals this year. LinkedIn is the perfect app. It is a platform where different professionals can connect with each other and help themselves grow. Try this app and achieve any career goals you’ve set, be it getting a dream package, landing job in your dream organisation, or becoming an influencer.

What we admired:

  • A powerful network
  • Impressive theme
  • Powerful tools to help grow your network

4. Feedly


This world is continually changing and you can’t achieve your goals without being aware and connected. Having said that, you definitely need an app like Feedly to remain updated on what’s happening around the world.

What we admired:

  • Impressive outlook
  • All-in-one place to check latest updates
  • The interface is pleasing to readers

5. HeadSpace


After a hectic day at office, it’s possible that you might feel tired, stressed, gloomy, or irritated. At that time, you’ll need an app like Headspace that can cheer you up and give you some peace of mind. The utility has a collection of guided meditations along with melodies that can help you relax.

This app definitely gives you a good time during the most depressing hours.

What we admired:

  • Toonish design
  • A collection of meditation, tried and tested by experts
  • An option to track your progress

So, are you ready to work on your resolutions this year to achieve self-fulfilment in the end of 2018? Try it and see for yourself to experience this beautiful feeling altogether.

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