10 Must-Watch TV Shows For Entrepreneurs

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you can’t afford missing out watching these TV shows, to not only get inspired but fill your mind with ideas and introduce you to the arenas worth exploring in your entrepreneurial journey. Here goes the list:

1.Shark Tank

However good your idea is, or whichever speed you aim at it, your success’ vehicle is sure to stumble when it comes to funding. Impressing the investors has always been a hurdle. This show features entrepreneurs who are waiting for their projects to get funded where a panel of investors sift through them and decide which ones are worthy to get funded. This TV series will take you on a roller-coaster ride of the inside and outside of an investor’s mind.

2.TVF Pitchers

It’s an Indian online series which is all about startups. If you haven’t watched this yet, you are missing out on a lot of Indian Tech jokes! Four friends and how they gather up their basics to kick-start their own startup. It covers everything, be it leaving a permanent job, gathering up the team, finding funds to the basic dilemmas every young entrepreneur goes through while starting up his own firm. Each and every episode is not only inspiring but is entertaining to the core. We bet you can’t resist watching the whole series once you watch a single episode.

3. The Apprentice

An American reality game show which judges the business skills of a group of contestants under conditions of business pressure. Watching business efforts getting real-time criticism from successful business players is not only entertaining but enlightening. With Donald Trump hosting about 14 seasons of The Apprentice, its time for Arnold Schwarzenegger to take a lead while Trump is away with the ongoing election campaign. Get ready to sharpen your conflict management skills.

4.  Pawn Stars

This reality TV series stars three generations of a business family, owning a pawn shop in Las Vegas. It films the negotiations which take place between the seller and the buyer.  Watching them discuss prices and historical importance of antiquities which are brought to the shop by customers is interesting. The way the family cleverly chooses between money, customer satisfaction, and product value while bargaining, is worth taking notes. While we all have got just two hands it becomes difficult to handle three things at a time, and this show teaches you which things to let go while making a strong grip on the other two. The art of diplomacy forms a core for any business and this show is surely going to make you a master at it.

 5.Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Most of you must have watched or at least heard about the show already. But lets put it in perspective. This show is way more than Ramsay’s shrieking. To an entrepreneur its innovations, makeovers, marketing, guidance, teamwork and more.

6.Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is an American comedy TV series based on six youngsters who found their own startup company in Silicon Valley. In this era of technology you at least need to know a word or two about software development even if you don’t run a business related to it. Right now the show is in its third lap and has aired on HBO starting on 24th of April.

7.Mad Man


Madmen is an American period drama series filming an advertising company where the protagonist tries to achieve a balance between his professional and family life. It follows the Ad men and women of Madison Avenue as they sell their way to the top.  Regarded as one of the greatest television drama series of all times, it has bagged various awards and is most certainly all about business. This show revolves around the lead character which is the Creative Director in the Ad agency and showcases great client pitching skills as one of the many entrepreneurial traits.

8.How I Made My Millions

Come on, we have to admit that this series cannot be left out at all. You want to see how they got their millions and start dreaming about yours. How I made my Millions is all about the multi-millionaire companies which were once a startup. It depicts their stories, how they started and how they grew up. The transformations from rags to glams is really interesting and inspiring.

9.Undercover Boss

Ever imagined what your employees talk about you behind your back? Are they really working when they seem to like doing so? Sometimes, overhearing your employees’ coffee table conversations is all you need to improve. This show, as the name suggests, films bosses which go undercover so as to get along with the employees. And the results are massive and insightful! Frightening yet eye-opening!

10.The Profit

Get ready to find out which business ideas actually make their mark in impressing investors! It’s a reality show starring Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis. This show follows Lemonis as he invests around $2 million of his own funds into struggling companies. What he gets in exchange is a percentage of the businesses’ profits.

There you have it! The list is out and its time to make the best of your spare time. Because inspiration is the only fuel we need!


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