There’s a famous quote by the legendary film actor Philip Seymour Hoffman:

“Creating something is all about problem-solving.”

Our UK-based client also approached us with a problem that many people face, i.e. giving or taking properties on rent for events and parties. The client asked us to implement his solution to such common needs with an app addressing complicated logics.

Offering reliable solutions has always been our prime-focus and the idea had a great potential. So, we decided to proceed ahead.


Creating an app that can prevent users from an unnecessary hassle and let them book places for parties and events was our goal. Doing so was challenging though.

Looking for available places and booking them in real-time wasn’t easy. Another issue was to establish a proper connection between users and property owners.

Hence, we realised that it was important for us to put the best efforts for creating an efficient app like Back Yard.


We wanted Back Yard to be the kind of app that lets users perform all significant actions in minimum efforts and has all necessary features.

For this, we had to study how other apps had implemented things in their wireframes and where we could do things better.

So, we thoroughly analysed other property renting apps in the market. On the basis of our research findings and the feedback from our client, we prepared the wireframes from scratch.


App design was made strictly as per the wireframes while keeping the user experience in mind. Our client chose the green-blue theme as it complements with nature.

Also, as discussed during the wireframing phase, we designed the app in such a way that it takes 3 steps at most for the user to perform any major action.

Keeping these things in mind we crafted the Back Yard app design.


Our hardwork and dedication paid great results in the end. We finally created an app that was going to reform the way people rent properties. Instead of going through a hassled process, they could book places for events and parties directly from their smartphones now.

After the app was ready, we showed it to our client. Satisfied with its working, he asked us to push it live. The app is successfully running on both the Google Play and the Apple App Store, changing the lives of millions.

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