With over a million monthly visits, abokifx is one of the leading websites around the world to provide substantial information on Naira exchange rates. The website is all about the Naira exchange with other currencies. At the time, abokiFX had an outdated website interface and wanted us to align it with the evolving times. They wanted us to work on the website redesign and develop an accompanying mobile app too. There was no one providing mobile apps as a competition to abokiFX and they wanted a clear first mover advantage. Our expertise in designing and mobile solutions led abokiFX team to approach us for reconstructing their digital position online.


The abokiFX App was going to be an app- first of its kind. Our goal therefore was to create an app that despite serving the most menial purpose, had to become something that users would come back to, every day. Using the best of technology and insight, we set to bring out an app that provides users with an exchange rate for the Nigerian currency- Naira comparing to currencies of other countries, rendering great help to the Nigerian Fintech Industry along with a dozen other features.


The website and apps for iOS and Android platforms were aligned with a consistent UI scheme that voiced out abokiFX with every stroke. Since the website layout wasn't to be altered a lot, both iOS and android apps were also needed to be in sync with it. Our designers did a great job at fitting every information on the website to a relatively smaller screen size of mobile phones. Fitting all information into a compact app was one of the main concerns of the client but our expertise in the mobile sphere conquered all.


This was a re-branding strategy to evolve with the online world and completion. They wanted a new website design, a brand new app with minimum competition, and a stellar design which is not usually easy to come out with data tables. Our design team made sure that the colors used in the UI for abokiFX app were same as those used on the website, establishing a recall value for the regular users of the website to easily connect with the app.


A lasting impact on the website traffic as opposed to the completion. With critical notifications coming through mobile apps on the go, abokiFX team are now able to connect with their users instantly and keep them updated with any fluctuations in the market. With the world turning to mobile, abokiFX mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms a huge success delivering close to 1.5 million push notifications to its users every day, keeping them updated on the daily Naira exchange news.

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